Current Gigs

19.01.2019Michelle calling with The
Night and Day Music Agency, Manchester
31.01.2019Rob and Michelle, Lymm
Folk Club – big spot

2.02.2019Michelle calling with BMW
Penkhull village hall PUBLIC
ceilidh contact Michelle!
8.02.2019Michelle and Bonz at
Prestwich Folk Club
Michelle and Bonz at
Bollington Folk Club
16.02.2019Michelle calling private
19.02.2019Michelle and Bonz at
Sandbach Folk Club
20.02.2019Michelle and Bonz at Rea
River Roots, the Tower of Song,

15.03.2019Michelle and Bonz at
Timperley Folk Club
16.03.2019Michelle calling, with Monkey
Box at Ryburn 3 step

6.04.2019Michelle calling Oldham
13.04.2019Michelle calling with Albireo
15.04.2019Michelle and Bonz at The Floodgate
17.04.2019Michelle and Bonz at the
Carpenter’s Arms
18.04.2019Michelle and Bonz at the
Tump Folk club

30.05.2019Michelle and Bonz at Common Folk club

2.06.2019Michelle and Bonz at the
Drummers Arms
8.06.2019Michelle calling with The Mouse’s Nest
6-7.06.2019Michelle and Bonz at The Rawtenstall Annual
27.7.2019Michelle calling with The House Devils