these strange times

As ever, I’ve done a terrible job of posting onto the blog here. I guess it’s the doubt that we all feel from time to time, that I’m being arrogant, or deluded to imagine that this writing is worth people reading, so I begin but quickly stop. So, much has changed since I last posted both for myself personally and also for the world at large.

The current pandemic means that I’ve just gone back into my gig listing for 2020 and marked every gig from the middle of March as cancelled. It feels odd, as many of the places that Bonz and I would have been hoping to play in the autumn are already saying that they are not accepting bookings as they wish to rebook people who have had gigs cancelled. It’s a strange time indeed.

It has lead me to play less music over the last 3 months, and also steered me away from my writing as well as I looked (in vain at times) for my reasons for doing either of those things. However, I haven’t just been sitting idle, I’ve embarked upon a new project, which has seen me learn new skills as I am working on a series of paintings and monoprints during 100 days of art. You can see the images (and occasional dog pictures) on my instagram here

Having hunkered down at home and got this far, I now feel a little more inclined to be creative in the world, I’ve started playing my instruments again, learning new songs, thinking about being able to see people again. Until it happens though, let’s all keep safe, hey?

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